CLEVER Hospitality Analytics - Business Intelligence for Hospitality
A CLEVER HOSPITALITY ANALYTICS é uma empresa do universo de empresas do Grupo HOST Hotel Systems ( ), a CLEVER tem como missão desenvolver e oferecer ao mercado hoteleiro soluções de inteligência analítica e de negócio que permitam aos clientes uma completa visão analítica global e o apoio constante à tomada de decisão.
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Clever! How it works

Who & Why

CLEVER Hospitality Analytics was born with this goal:


To enable the hotel to integrate information from different data sources from their hotels or group of hotels, without limitation.


This integration of information enables them to optimize the management of their departments through Business Intelligence specialized programs for each of them and unify the information effectively.


The standardization of the information will be possible for those hotel groups that work with different brands, hotel software by region, brand or other technologies.


Data centralization from different software management is possible through CLEVER Hospitality Analytics and its modules. Moreover, this Business Intelligence is designed so that the hotel needs only to purchase the required licenses. This allows them to achieve budgets adapted to their needs providing them with what only a few companies from the hotel sector have already discovered.

What is Business Intelligence?

It is a set of tools and strategies designed create and manage knowledge through the analysis of existing KPI’s and data in a company or organization.

It refers to the efficient use of an enterprise data to facilitate decision-making.

What are the benefits?

  • To access the information anytime, anywhere.
  • Facilitate key indicators analysis and control.
  • Improve employees’ performance, by contributing to company strategy with better inputs.
  • Interact with the available information to make accurate decisions and with fundaments.

What is the CLEVER Business Intelligence PORTAL?

CLEVER BI Portal is a Business Intelligence solution that offers to a Hotel Management team a predefined vision of their business activity and KPIs. The Portal Business Intelligence collects the different departments’ data by connecting and integrating with the PMS, POS, EMS and to the Marketing and Sales, Accounting and HR systems, etc. .

CLEVER BI PORTAL is the starting point for any Hospitality Business Intelligence project, as it enables the Hotel Managemer to analyze their business operations and define new phases to include data sources from other hotel management tools or applications.

CLEVER BI PORTAL will allow you to:

  • Centralize local or corporate data.
  • Centralize Multi-Language, Multi-Currency and Multi-Property data.
  • Access to the information according to the user´s rights (levels).
  • Automatically distribute reports and documentation according to scheduled taks.
  • Access your corporate information from anywhere

This is Hotel Business Intelligence!

clever business intelligence


CLEVER operates on a web-based “Analytics as a Service” model, which means that you can access the system (with your user credentials) from any computer or mobile device with a secure internet connection.


We also enable you to stay informed, even when you are not in CLEVER BI PORTAL, by sending reports and alerts to your inbox and/ or smartphone based on intervals and thresholds set by you.

clever smartphone
Clever kpis
Clever dasboard


With CLEVER Services customers can develop their own customized Hotel Dashboard in a short time, loading information from hotel management applications.

CLEVER Services offers different modules that will enable you to reduce the implementation time. These modules will be the starting point for your own Business Intelligence long-term project.


CLEVER Solutions, Business Intelligence  for Hospitality 

CLEVER enables you to set up the scope of your project through the different modules available. You can tailor the development of all and each one of the KPIs that you want and integrate ALL the technological platforms of your Enterprise or group.

In addition, it will allow you to automatically distribute information in different formats; MSWord, Excel, PPT or HTML, via email, network folders, FTP server or publish on your corporate web page.


You can access your Hotel Dashboard through mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and android).

CLEVER Hospitality Analytics is also based on Qlik (link ), one of the most powerful Business Intelligence tools in the market. Through its Business Discovery, it allows developing dashboards without investing large amounts of time and resources. Its technology, which gives you access to the information in memory, can save hundreds of hours working on the creation of the classical data cubes that always end up being obsolete before they can be placed to work.


The hospitality market requires speed on the development and quick responses, CLEVER Hospitality Analytics and Qlik cover this necessity:

CLEVER and Qlik Sense (link ) have defined an economic licensing plan that will allow access to all or some of the modules of your company or group of companies’ software, adapting to the needs and size of each customer. In addition, CLEVER includes by default all the necessary software for the installation on a central server of the hotel or hotel group.

clever dasboard app



Transactional hotel systems such as Point of Sales, Property Management System, Central Reservations and Revenue Management systems answer to operational and/ or departamental needs. However, their functions are not to provide insightful hotel reporting, analytics and business intelligence! CLEVER HOSPITALITY ANALYTICS fills this void by providing hotel managers and corporate personnel the valuable insight that they need to maximize the revenue generation and grow the market share of a single hotel, hotel portfolio, brand or management company.


More than a Hotel Business Intelligence and Reporting tool, CLEVER HOSPITALITY ANALYTICS is the Web-based decision support system that empowers and liberates the organization decisions about Market Strategy, Sales, Branding, Revenue Management, Distribution, Forecasting and Budgeting.


CLEVER is intended for a broad audience – all of those who share responsibility for the performance of a hotel or hotel business. Within a hotel, this would include the General Manager, Director of Sales & Marketing, Revenue Manager, Reservations Manager, Sales Managers, Front Office Manager and other high management positions. Regional, corporate and executive personnel also benefit equally from the hotel intelligence provided by CLEVER. Benefits of CLEVER include arming everyone in the enterprise with the same information and standardizing an approach to viewing hotel revenue performance.


CLEVER allows Hotel General Managers and Heads of Operations to have a much-needed visibility to their business at as high or as granular of a level as they require. Fast, powerful and easy to use, hotel reporting and business intelligence has never been so accessible to hotel operators as before.


CLEVER provides the critical hotel business intelligence that Revenue Managers need to make informed decisions on all aspects of managing demand. While revenue management systems attempt to optimize pricing and availability, CLEVER helps Revenue Managers to understand the trends behind their business. Armed with this information, they can create more accurate forecasts, optimize market mix and use their newfound knowledge to manage the revenue management system and other systems to maximum effect.


CLEVER enables Hotel Sales and Marketing decision-making to be proactive and fact-based. Marketing campaigns may be designed to capture the highest ROI and to provide the basis of analysis to measure performance. The platform allows sales decisions and deployment to be optimized and negotiation processes to be effective. CLEVER makes account management more intelligent than ever before.


With its enterprise-ready infrastructure, CLEVER provides corporate and regional personnel with direct access to the highest or most granular-level details of a single hotel or a hotel portfolio. Having access to the same hotel analytics fosters a common understanding of performance between the property and corporate levels. With both property-level and aggregated hotel reporting and intelligence, CLEVER helps to drive the whole enterprise forward.


CLEVER understands that no two hotels or hotel companies are exactly alike – neither is their data. That is why we work with our clients individually to create custom data hierarchies that are optimized for them. We further empower them with data management capabilities at the most granular levels of data to channel it in the most meaningful ways


CLEVER leverages the power of business intelligence to provide hoteliers visibility to their data from many different angles, affording a deeper understanding of the true shape of business opportunities ahead. Our analytical logic, design, and proprietary metrics are extremely pertinent because they were created by who understands the challenges of maximizing hotel performance


CLEVER processes large amounts of data in a matter of seconds. Freed from the need to produce labor-intensive manual hotel reporting, hoteliers can increase the speed-to-market of their strategies and gain a competitive advantage. By analyzing business on the books in addition to historical performance, hoteliers can take advantage of opportunities while they still exist

clever dashboard
clever smartphone
clever dasboard app


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