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snapshot clever hospitality

SnapShot Marketplace is a place where hotels and great technology meet.
With only one login, hotels have access to a secure platform of ready-to-use, pre-integrated apps.
Host recently integrated with SnapShot to bring this ecosystem and its useful applications to its hotels.

SnapShot Analytics is a cloud-based hotel analytics tool that presents a comprehensive overview of your hotel performance on a powerful yet intuitive data dashboard.

  • View key performance metrics from your pms, benchmarking, rate shopping, website performance, tripadvisor/holidaycheck/reviewpro, social media channels and more
  • Customize your dashboard by adding more applications from the app store
  • Convert graphic to tabular data, export and share anything with your team
  • Create custom property sets and monitor your portfolio of hotels in real time

snapshot clever hospitality analytics
All Host hotels have access to the following offers:

  • Free 30-day trial of SnapShot Analytics PRO Edition
  • Free unlimited use of the basic SnapShot Analytics Data Dashboar

Host Hotel Systems


Host Hotel Systems is a leading travel technology provider who works side by side with properties and travel suppliers to deliver the best product and services that fits its clients.
Now it has joined to Clever Hospitality Analytics to leverage Management tasks and analytics results. Data from Host PMS (and other Host products) is replicated in the Clever dashboard, simplifying Managers’ reports analysis.

HHS owns a wide range of products

  • Host PMS – Property Management System
  • Host POS – Point of Sale
  • Host EMS – Event Management System
  • Host Internet Services – Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Social Media Booking Engine
  • Host Interfaces – more than 150 interfaces with different parties


lybra-dashboard clever

Lybra Tech: Lead by Data Scientists and Revenue Managers & Marketing experts.
Lybra Tech Hotel Revenue intelligence has one target: increase Hotel revenues through merging Revenue Management ideas & calculations with marketing product value proposition. AI algorithms forecast and optimize price based on revenue & market big data. The math behind them reached top 3 in Revenue Systems ranking in the world.

Business & Market data, occupancy forecast and optimal price suggestion that Lybra delivers, help expedite decision making and uncover market opportunities. Most common conclusions can be automated to actions securing the business and freeing up resources. is 100% connected with both hotel PMS (property management system) and channel manager to offer the best experience in terms of time saved and data accuracy.

Lybra is the most reliable Revenue System in Hotel Industry.


  • Lybra Dasboard (or Lybra Aero)
  • Lybra Analytics



Ratemetrics is excited to partner with CLEVER Hospitality Analytics. Integrating our price shopping solution into CLEVER will provide hotels with comprehensive insight on competition price levels and changes. Customers will be able to effectively strategize pricing decisions like discounting, parity or price increases. I think CLEVER makes a hotelier’s life so easy by providing the right data at the right time in one place.” said John Tilly, CEO of Ratemetrics.

ratemetrics clever hospitality bi

  • Comprehensive insights
  • Price Levels
  • Price Changes
  • Pricing strategy